board members


CRCWD has a legislative body whose members are elected by registered voters within the district. CRCWD board members are appointed to fixed terms of 2-4 years.
        J. Fred Allen  (term expires 2020)
        Robert Deinhammer  (term expires 2020)

        Richard Hoag  (term expires 2022)
     Matthew Smith  (term expires 2020)

        Ed Grubb (term expires 2022)


***SERvice notice ALERT***

The Contra Costa Canal is shut down for approx. 4 months for CCWD to conduct its annual cleaning. Our CRCWD service is expected to return 4/6/20. Please plan for an alternative water source during this time.

Next Board Meeting:
Date, Time and Location TBD



The Castle Rock County Water District (CRCWD) is a small, independent water district serving rural properties in both the City of Walnut Creek and the surrounding unincorporated area. Formed in 1955, CRCWD serves 54 customers by distributing and selling untreated water for landscape irrigation, some commercial uses and two commercial horse stables. CRCWD purchases untreated water from Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) pumped from an open canal that crosses Oak Grove Road. Meter readings and billings are performed on a quarterly calendar basis.